1. th_HALI_Tour_Brochure_India2018

    Brochure: Rajasthan & Gujarat, India, February 2018

    The first HALI Textile Arts of India Tour in association with Martin Randall Travel offers exclusive access to iconic carpets and textiles of India, with visits to places rarely seen by tourists. Beginning in Delhi, the tour charts a course through Rajasthan and Gujarat in northwest India, ending in Mumbai, with private curator-led visits throughout…. Read more »

  2. FEATIMG_20170615_114622

    Photo Album: Transylvania, June 2017

    The HALI Tour to Transylvania (9-17 June 2017) combined striking Anatolian rugs, many still in the Saxon churches to which they were donated hundreds of years ago, picturesque medieval towns and outstanding natural beauty. Led by Stefano Ionescu, the world expert on ‘Transylvanian’ rugs, HALI’s executive editor Daniel Shaffer and assistant editor Malin Lonnberg, the… Read more »

  3. th_IMG_3465

    Photo Album: Morocco, May 2017

    The first HALI Tour to Morocco took place, 5-14 May 2017. A group of twenty rug and textile dealers and enthusiasts from the UK, Australia and the USA were led by Wilfried Stanzer and accompanied by HALI Editor, Ben Evans and Assistant Editor, Rachel Meek.

  4. th_HALI_Tour_Brochure_Azerbaijan&Georgia2017

    Brochure: Azerbaijan & Georgia, October 2017

    In 2017 the HALI Tour to the Caucasus starts on 21st October, the day after the 5th International Symposium on Azerbaijani Carpets ends in Baku. The timing provides the perfect opportunity to share the knowledge and experience we have gained from HALI’s two previous tours to the region.

  5. sq_transylvania_2017

    Brochure: Transylvania June 2017

    HALI Tours are pleased to offer another chance to take part in a journey of cultural discovery in this timeless part of Romania 9-17 June 2017, 500 years since the Reformation first defined the region.

  6. newSq_HT_ARMENIA_May-web-tab

    Brochure: Armenia & Georgia, May 2016

    View the brochure for the next HALI Tour to Armenia & Georgia, 7 – 16 May 2016, with exclusive access to carpets and textiles in museum stores & private collections.

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