Parting Shots

Samyama and Julia Boutique opening in Taipei

Two new high-end shops have joined the lively scene of Da-An road in Taipei; Julia Boutique and Samyama Co. Ltd. on Lane 119, No. 1. Julia Boutique on the first floor represents exclusively several major sought after fashion brand names such as Oscar de la Renta and Nina Ricci and
Samyama on the second floor showcases some of the world’s most exquisite textiles and natural crystal formations.

Both Julia, the owner of Julia Boutique and John the director of Samyama are close friends and after traveling around the world together over the past years they found they enjoy the same people, food, fashion, art, teas, etc. Many of Julia Boutique’s clients naturally fall in love with the textiles and crystals from Samyama.

At their grand opening May 23rd 2014, Julia Boutique and Samyama jointly hosted a glamorous fashion show, “Ethnic Urbanism, ” where models wore some of Samyama’s rare exotic textiles from far away lands, such as the Shan State of Burma and the Naga Land of India, together with Julia Boutique’s latest ready-to-wear urban collection.

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