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  1. 15th Sartirana Textile Show

    The annual Sartirana Textile Show will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a special event in a grand historical exhibition venue in the northwest Italian city of Turin.

  2. Sartirana Textile Show

    A selection of antique rug and textile galleries exhibited at Sartirana Textile Show, La Pila, Lomellina, 13-16 September 2018.

  3. Sartirana Album September 2015

    This year’s Sartirana Textile Art Show as always presented an excellent selection of antique oriental carpets and textiles. There were a few new faces, such as Max Lerch from Munich and Nasim Hakemie from Holland, as well as old hands like Bertram Frauenknecht and Tina Tabone. David Sorgato’s exhibition was dedicated to Lao ceremonial textiles,… Read more »

  4. Sartirana Textile Show 2014

    Held in a picturesque 14th century old rice mill, La Pila, Sartirana’s tenth anniversary textile fair brought together an array of diverse rug and textile exhibitors. Organised by Alberto Boralevi, the show ran from Wednesday 10 September 2014 through Sunday 14 September at La Pila in Sartirana Castle, Lomellina. This selection of stand photos by Edoardo Marino give a taste of what was missed.

  5. A Sardinian funeral rug at Sartirana 2014

    From HALI 180 On first glance this colourful flatweave looks like a Persian kilim. But, as Alberto Boralevi reveals, it is in fact a rare Italian peasant rug, with a purpose that makes it central to important local rites For its 10th anniversary, the 2014 Sartirana Textile Show (10–14 September) will feature a special loan… Read more »

  6. 10th Sartirana Textile Show

    Held in a picturesque 14th century castle and the old rice mill, La Pila, Sartirana’s tenth anniversary brings together an abundance of rug and textile exhibitors.

  7. Sartirana: Antique carpets and textiles in Italy

    The 9th edition of the Sartirana Textile Show closes on Sunday 22 September 2013. The location of the event, about an hour outside Milan, means that the show is quieter than it deserves to be since the quality of the presentation, material and dealers is of the highest order. The setting in the ancient rice… Read more »

  8. Sartirana Textile Show, 2013

    The 9th annual Sartirana Textile Show will take place from 19-22 September 2013 at Sartirana Castle in Lomellina, near Milan, Italy. More than fifty dealers, national and international, will be participating in one of the largest ever such shows, with a programme that includes a cultural exhibition and a lecture programme.

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