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The Hollander collection of Chinese Minorities textiles

A third themed textile exhibition has just begun on Thomas Murray’s website, however this selling exhibition is much larger than anything seen previously. The Roger Hollander Collection of Chinese Minority costume, textiles and jewellery shows 1,500 pieces which are divided into Primary and Secondary Collections. Each object has a high quality image on the site and the primary collection of 580 pieces have full cataloguing. The collections are available separately or together and represent a museum level collection of the textile arts of the Chinese minorities groups. The late collector’s motives for assembling such a larger group of objects relating to these cultures is well summarised in the introduction of the exhibition: “Roger felt something would surely be lost were he to collect exclusively on an aesthetic basis. He felt a responsibility to document the “minor arts,” from shoes to headgear, old, and relatively recent because he recognized early on that the tidal wave of modern Han Chinese culture was going to be irresistible. He saw the inevitability of young minorities migrating to the big cities to find jobs, exchanging traditional costumes for steady work as secretaries in offices or for men to go into the manufacturing sector.”

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