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In Memoriam: Ron Hort

Ron Hort

Ron Hort, San Francisco, 2012

Michael Phillips writes: After a long battle with serious health problems, Ronald Franklin Hort passed away shortly after returning home from exhibiting at last October’s Antique Rug and Textile Show in San Francisco. Ron Hort was a presence through the past 30 years at ACOR and ICOC dealer’s fairs, and was a constant exhibitor at all the Caskey-Lees Asian, Tribal and Textile Art Shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Ron also put up focus exhibitions of antique rugs, tribal trappings, and textiles at museums in his home town of Minneapolis. I have had the distinct pleasure of a 40-year personal friendship and business relationship with Ron. He always was ‘high’ on life and possessed a keen sense of humor that kept people laughing. He was always full of élan and spirit. He exhibited a passion for his oriental rug business and was always excited to display his goods. Those who knew Ron personally through the decades can certainly attest to his ‘colourful’ character and reflect on the loss to the global antique oriental rug community. I will personally miss the enjoyment and constant entertainment of his presence for the annual fishing trips I use to make traveling with him to beautiful lakes in his home state of Minnesota. Rest in peace dear friend.

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