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    Baku Symposia, 2017

    It is all happening in Baku this year. In addition to the 5th International Symposium on Azerbaijan Carpets: Traditions and Innovations (17-29 October), from 22-24 May the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum will host the 2nd International Symposium of The Common Language of the Turkic World – Patterns.

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    Art of the Zo at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

    From 11th November – 20 March 2016, The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents ‘Art of the Zo: Textiles from Myanmar, India, and Bangladesh’, an exhibition of woven Chin textiles

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    Joseph V. McMullan Award 2014

    Two winners of the most prestigious award in the field of oriental carpets, the Joseph V. McMullan Award have been announced for 2014.

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