News: October 2017

  1. Carpets and Textiles at the Florence Biennale

    Carpets and Textiles at the Florence Biennale

    For the last few years, the largest number of firms exhibiting carpets and tapestries at a fair in Italy has been the annual exhibition held at Sartirana. Half a century ago, things were very different. The most important art and antiques fair in the world, bringing together many carpet galleries, was the Biennale Internazionale dell’Antiquariato in Florence.

  2. Armorial tapestry of Beaufort

    Burrell at Kelvingrove: Tapestries

    During his whole life, Glasgow shipping magnate Sir William Burrell (1861–1958) acquired some 200 European, mainly medieval, tapestries, building one of the largest and most important collections of its kind in the world.

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