Ming Chinese Carpets of the Forbidden City


Michael Franses tells the remarkable story of his 34-year quest to find the missing 16th-century classical Chinese carpets of the Chinese Imperial household.

Chinese Carpets in the V&A


Part of the continuing series of In-Depth archive articles from early issues of HALI. Here the King, Pinner & Franses team focus on the Chinese carpet collection in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. First published in HALI 5/2, 1982. To read the article, please click here   

Lyon, Splendours in the City of Silk. 4: The remaining Classical Carpets, by Ian Bennett


The third of Ian Bennett’s in-depth articles on the  Oriental carpet collection at the Musée Historique des Tissus in Lyon, France was published in HALI 35 (1987). The article features the non-Persian holdings of 16th and 17th century classical carpets – from Spain, Egypt, Turkey, India, East Turkestan and China. To read ‘The Remaining Classical… Read more »

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